Monday, December 10, 2012

What's Your Favorite Sex Position?

Women love sex. In fact, some women have a certain favorite sex position. They think about it just as often, if not more than their male counterparts. 

Is your sex life screaming for an upgrade? With more than 35 orgasm--inducing ways to get your grind on, our favorite sex positions for women guide will help fulfill all your naughty needs. These inventive tweaks will shake up your favorite sex positions—and the results are volcanic. And just in case you need a reason to break away from your typical repertoire, know this: The more moves women try out during sex, the higher their likelihood of reaching the big O!

Guy’s favorite sex positions:

Pleasure Pick-Me-Up is the guy’s favorite sex position. For those who love a he-man, get ready for total ladylike delight, since you'll be bound in your strong stud's arms, totally suspended and at his orgasmic mercy. And the rapid-fire bouncy action provides a brand-new move — less in-and-out, more up-and-down. Standing with his back against the edge of the bed (or even the washer or dryer), your stud picks you up with his hands cradling your bottom and the backs of your thighs. Wrap your legs around his waist (place your feet on the bed for support) and your arms around his neck and shoulders. As his penis enter you, you hang suspended from him, bouncing up and down with the help of his arms.

V for Vixen. Most men are so inflexible, they think a knee bend is an Olympic feat, so he’ll worship you as a sex goddess. Sit on a counter and have your man stand facing you. His legs should be slightly bent, spaced 3 feet apart. With your arms on his shoulders and his arms around your lower back, slowly pull your right leg up and prop your right foot on his left shoulder. Then pull your left leg up and prop your left foot on his right shoulder.

Women’s other favorite sex positions:

Stand at erection. This sexual position women enjoys is pretty self-evident in the title: Your woman is going to sit on a surface that stands level with your waist, and then you’re going to penetrate her as deeply as you possibly can. The further her legs are spread apart the better, and you can maximize this by drawing her legs around your waist. This will place her vagina directly against your groin, and will make a deep thrusting incredibly easy for you, thereby increasing her odds of having a G-spot orgasm. Where can you put this sexual position women enjoy to good use? Try the kitchen counter, the bathroom counter, the washing machine, the piano, the hood of your car -- get as naughty as you like.

The Rocking Horse is the women’s favorite sex position. He sits cross-legged and leans back supporting himself with both arms behind him. She kneels over his lap hugging him with her thighs and lowers herself down. She can then determine the speed and depth of penetration.

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